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Our Story

San Martino VillageWe are a small, family-owned winery specializing in handcrafted wines using modern techniques but with a traditional “soul” borne in the legacy of a winemaking family that has crafted wonderful wines for over 600 years in northern Spain. Perseverance, hard work, vision, and passion are the elements that created San Martiño Winery & Vineyards in 2003 in North Texas, just outside of the city of Rockwall.

Our first grapes arrived mid-September 2003 and all had to be processed by hand in a yet unfinished building since our initial equipment had not arrived from Italy. Working in 10 hrs shifts and with the help of some friends, the first harvest of San Martiño Winery & Vineyards was completed by the start of the Fall season for a total production of 430 cases. Today the winery produces approximately 5,000 cases of wine using state of the art equipment. What took 28 hrs to process in 2003, takes now only a hand-full of hours. However, just like the first harvest, our family along with good friends continues to de-stem, crush and process grapes from Texas each fall and make the result of this monumental effort available for all to taste and enjoy.

Over the years the winery has expanded and grown, became modernized and won extensive awards not only in Texas but also in international competitions such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and others. But the soul of San Martiño Winery & Vineyards is not the modern and beautiful facilities, but in the sweat, energy and time that everyone involved with our winery has invested over the years. Every bottle of wine contains not only a precious liquid for you to enjoy, but it also contains our time, our efforts, our friends unselfish dedication to our success, the aches and pains of many overworked backs and the laugh and enjoyment of the post production and bottling gatherings. Our name is on each bottle and our story and dreams are inside of it. So come by and visit with us while relaxing with a glass or bottle of one of our wines. Bring a picnic and enjoy a break from the rat race.

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