' Winemaking - San Martiño Winery


Our winemaking philosophy is to create the best wine from the vintage Mother nature provides and express the terroir and the vineyard's uniqueness in every bottle of wine. We strive to pick our grapes at that brief moment when they have the most to give. We steer the fermentation in a direction that reflects the inherent grape characteristics, the soil they are grown in, and the weather of a particular year.

We believe in interfering as little as possible in the fermentation process. While chemical analysis of must and wine is helpful, our senses and intuition ultimately define our choices. Although we stay away from chemical tools in the winemaking process, we do influence the fermentation dynamics (and the resulting extraction of grape compounds into the wine) through physical functions like temperature control, the intensity of crushing, frequency of punch-downs and pump-overs, length of maceration time, etc.

During the aging process, we respect the integrity of the grapes by integrating oak flavors and tannins by selecting barrels that have only a subtle impact on the flavor outcome of the wine. As such, some of our wines showcase a unique site in the vineyard, while others reflect the influence of a specific clone or a winemaking technique like whole cluster fermentation. All receive the same care and attention. All are intended to provide a pleasure that is as cerebral as it is physical. After all, with every bottle sold, there is a part of us in it. When you open one of our bottles, you will taste wine, but each bottle possesses our dreams, energy, hours of labor, love for the land, and lessons learned from previous generations of winemakers in our family. Cheers!