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Out of the Ordinary: An evening of tapas with our winemaker. August 17th at 6 pm. Get ready for a fun evening of delicious sights, smells, and tastes as you watch our resident winemaker and chef prepare dishes from his childhood using recipes handed down through generations. Total number of guests is limited to 24 for this event. This Event is limited to Club Members Only. Please note that all dishes will be served as tapas (small appetizers).

Tapas by Emilio

  • My Father’s Paella. We will serve a tapa of paella using the freshest ingredients the way E Ramos Sr used to make it. Spicy, lots of saffron and his favorite critters on it.
  • My Grandfather’s Pulpo (Octopus). Octopus is a staple during the summer months in all the small towns along the coast of Galicia (land of the Celts) where I grew up. The octopus is cooked until tender then served with potatoes, paprika, salt and olive oil along crusty bread.
  • My Cousin David’s Mushrooms with garlic and paprika. My cousin David was an executive chef at the Ritz-Carlton in the Canary Islands before he gave it up to be a nomad. When home, he would forage the forests behind our house and come up with amazing mushrooms that he would cook quickly and could be served as a salad or as a topping over bread slices. Garlic mushrooms with spicy paprika, lemon, and olive oil make a great toping for a Montadito.
  • Montadito de Higos and Manchego from my Grandmother. A simple tapa of fig spread and Manchego Cheese on crusty bread which I used to get after coming home from school. Grandma always had it ready along with a small bowl of wine, sugar and an egg yolk all scrambled in the bowl Yum! Yes, she did and it was not child abuse. It is a very traditional "merienda" or snack from the old folks and the times. You only get the montadito (sorry).
  • Mom’s Chorizos al Vino with beans. Chorizos (the Spanish version not Mexican) cooked in white wine, garlic and served with beans were staples in the house most Sunday's for lunch and my mom made them to perfection. It is comfort food at its best for an old celtic boy like me!
  • Uncle Lino's Aguardiente (Fire Water). My uncle Lino makes a version of Grappa that is a killer drink. We used to kill things with it but it is the perfect ending to a night of tapas. It is an all cure for every type of ailment that you may have. Legs start to work (or not), shoulders and backs no longer ache after drinking this and the dead rise from their graves too. When Maria was in Galicia this past spring, she brought back uncle Lino's home made grappa and I am going to share it with you. Salud!

Suggested wines: Tempranillo, Montepulciano, Aglianico or Sangiovese

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Vive la France July 13 at 6:30 pm. Fresh from San Martiño’s Bordeaux trip we have created a sample menu that reflects the cuisine of the different areas we explored during our recent visit to France. Note: This event is limited to 24 guests


  • Assortiment de charcuterie et légumes grillés d'Epernay (Charcutery and Grilled vegetable Assortment from Epernay)

  • Filet mignon de porc du village de Cognac, pommes de terre au romarin, champignons, sauce au beurre de cognac (Village of Cognac Dijon Pork Tenderloin, Rosemary Baby Potatoes, Mushrooms, Cognac-Butter Sauce)

  • Assortiment de fromages Blaye, confitures de figues (Blaye Cheese Assortment, Fig Preserves)
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August 3 at 6 pm. Join us in our tank and processing building to talk about wine, meet fellow oenophiles, taste wine now in tanks awaiting bottling this fall and to celebrate the start of our 16th harvest. Yes, it has been 16 years that started this crazy dream of owning and running a winery. We were younger then, had much more hair and a lot more energy but the dream lives on. We will enjoy light hors d’oeuvres as we taste and discuss a blend of five grapes from the 2016 harvest, Tempranillo 2014, Grenache 2016 and Albariño 2018. Note: our production building doesn’t have any sitting options or rest rooms. Both of these are available in the tasting room.

We are sorry but this event is sold out