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Gaelic Soup (Cawl Galiseg) or simply Caldo, also known as Caldo Gallego, meaning literally Galician soup, is a traditional dish from Spain’s Galicia region, a place with very cold winters and where good, hot soup and hearty meals reign supreme. It is similar to Caldo Verde, popular in neighboring Portugal. The flavors of Chorizo and beans meld to make a uniquely Spanish soup. The classic taste is instantly recognizable—spicy sausage infuses the traditional white bean soup recipe with a comforting tang. Ingredients include potatoes, chorizo, ham, turnip greens, white beans, bacon and more.

This Saturday (1/19/19) evening will be cold, but we will have a pot of Caldo Gallego on the stove if you care to come by and shake off the cold in our family house from 5 to 7 pm. This offer is only for Club Members and their guests, but reservations will be required due to limited space. Non club members must be in the company of a hosting club member. Please note that sitting is on a first come / first served basis family style; that is mutiple guests in a single table.

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Haven’t made plans for Valentine’s day yet? San Martiño Winery will be hosting 20 guests (reservations required) for a simple but wonderful Valentine’s dinner starting at 6:30 pm Feb 14th, 2019. Hosted in our family house the room will be warm and cozy ready for a celebration of love and joy. Join the winery owner’s as they prepare this special meal for you.


Southwest Seafood Chowder

Pork Medallions with Whisky Sauce, chickpea/potatoe medley

Chocolate Torte, Rum Sauce

We are sorry but this event is sold out