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Tastings in our Tasting and Welcome Center can be done Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 1 pm to 8:30 pm and Sunday from 1 pm to 5:30 pm. During music events tasting for the general public stops at 5 pm. The cost of tasting is $10/person and this includes five (5) preselected wines from our current inventory. Tasting is free to Club Members.


Starting in August we will have an "Elevated Tasting Experience" with food pairing. This will required reservations and will only be offered on specific days. The schedule of the "Elevated Tasting Experience" will be listed below starting July 15th, 2017 therefore please come back to this Web site if you are interested in this experience. 


Aug 6, 3 pm. SOLD OUT

Aug 20, 3 pm. Reserve Now

  • Elevated Tasting

    How is this different from the current tasting experience?
    The “elevated experience” will guide you through a flight of four wines which will include library wines, reserve and current public releases. These wines will also be paired with bite-sized foods prepared by our chef. This experience will be about 60-80 minutes.

  • Is this a wine class?
    No. It is an “Elevated Tasting Experience” where we discuss the wines, the production process, the food pairing and other aspects related to the specific wine. We will not discuss appellations, history or any other regions of the world related to the grape used in the wines.

  • Where do the “Elevated Tastings” take place?
    They are held in the Family's House building.

  • How much will it cost and how many people will be hosted?
    Wine club members can take advantage of this experience for $24/person. Non-Club members will be $30/person. Initially we will only host 8 guests per session so we can devote quality time to everyone attending. Due to the limited availability, once the Elevated Tasting Experience is booked there are no refunds.

  • Can anyone attend?
    Yes. Anyone with an interest in wines and food pairing is welcome to attend. However, all guests MUST be over 21 years of age.

  • Are reservations required?
    Yes. Reservations will have to be made online. Reservations will not be available over the phone.