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Come to the winery to get your new club release and join us for a tasting of wines just placed in the tanks ready for bottling. We will also be tasting some wines for which we are selling futures at a discount.


Limited to 16 guests each time on a first to RSVP basis. When it comes to wine, both tasting and smelling, the nose is mission critical. The human nose is capable of differentiating between thousands of unique scents. Join us for an exploration of the different aromas that can be perceived from wine and how it affects our taste and enjoyment of the wine. We will start with a discussion of the expected aromas from different varietals followed by a tasting of a selection of wines that incorporate your learnings paired with a simple tapa (appetizer) in the Family House. Club Member Price: $16/pp. Non Club Member: $20/pp. All Guests Must Be Adults.

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Welcome Spring and (tax day) by joining our family for a country Italian dinner at our Family House. The evening gathering will showcase a four course dinner to recreate our childhood meals at the working farm outside of Florence. This is a farm-to-table evening with friends and family gathered at the table where the food and wine become the fabric of a wonderful and lively evening. This meal is served family style! Please no minors. Price $50/pp; Club members $40/pp. Wine not included! Dinner limited to 20 guests.


Piato di Salumi. Cured meats, Calestrano olives, Italian olive oil, Italian peasant bread

Zuppa di Tortellini. Tomato broth, fresh tortellini, garlic, spicy sausage

Bucatini con Pomodori e Polpette di Carne. Bucatini pasta, fresh tomato sauce, basil, garlic, meatballs

Tavola di Formaggio con Balsamico e Limoncello. Cheese assortment, 25 year old balsamico, Limoncello shot

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Desgustacion! This event is to provide a unique experience where each course is a tapa (small plate) paired with one of our wines (2oz/pp). The word “desgustacion” means to taste. We will be tasting 6 courses from 3 different countries; Portugal, Italy and Spain each perfectly prepared in our Family House. Each course will be fully explained at the table by our chef during the service. Due to the nature of this event, participation will be limited to only 10 guests. Please no minors. Price: $100/pp wine included; Club Members: $80/pp wine included.

Tasting Menu

Caldeirada paired with Rosè

Salmão paired with Riesling

Zupa paired with Sangiovese

Costollete paired with Zinfandel

Filete paired with Cabernet Sauvignon

Quesos paired with Petit Syrah

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Take a vacation from the ordinary by having a plate of a slow roasted pork marinated in an exciting blend of island flavors while listening to the Tiki Torches. Price: $20/plate; Club Members: $16/plate (Please note: club members may not purchase tickets for guests at the discounted price). Only 2 guests per reservation are allowed. Limited to 30 guests. Food will be served during the live music at our outdoor bar counter. Purchasing of tickets not necessary to enjoy the live event.

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